Best 6×8 Car speakers for Bass on the Market in 2022

If you dedicate a large amount of time driving or intend to do so shortly, having a duo of the quality 6×8 automobile audio system for your sound system is a surefire way to take pleasure in your driving moments. Because of their exceptional build quality and sound efficiency, these audio systems have turned out to be distinguished amongst automobile owners. They are vital audio gadgets for drivers who need to keep a splendid automobile audio system.

Many vehicle producers use a 6X8 audio system in their motors because they’re simpler to integrate into small areas than the 6X9 automobile audio systems while providing similar performance. In general, Ford (and its subsidiaries) specifically used 6 8 automobile audio systems in a massive quantity of their motors.

However, many of the manufacturing plant audio systems in your automobile are of bad quality and do not perform as well as you’d expect. Alternatively, they may be old, broken, and sound like faulty speakers. This is particularly essential while upgrading your head unit or including a fantastic subwoofer or different audio system.

At a Glance:

These audio systems are one of the most common sizes, requiring no extra area and fitting into the in-built region of your vehicle.

These have more tweeters and crossovers, ensuing in a more precise, clear, and smooth sound. The majority of these have a high-frequency reaction and good enough mid-range staging.

They’re also made from incredibly long-lasting substances and feature more functions to enhance sound quality. If you need to update your factory-established audio system, these can be an exceptional choice to consider.

List of 10 Best 6×8 Car Speakers for Bass on the Market 2022

DesignCar SpeakerRetailer
Best PickRockford Fosgate T1682
Check Price
Staff PickALPINE R S68
Check Price
Budget PickInfinity reference 8632CFX
Check Price
JBL Club 8622F
Check Price
Check Price
Pioneer TS-A6885R
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Kicker 41DSC684
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Infinity 6829 CF
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Kenwood KFC-C6866S
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Skar Audio TX68
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Rockford Fosgate T1682

Best Pick
Best 6x8 Car Speakers for Bass

When it comes to finding a unique automobile audio system to update blown or low-quality manufacturing units, Rockford Fosgate can be one of the high-satisfactory 6X8 audio systems.

Carbon fiber and polypropylene injected cones make this audio system inflexible and lightweight while long-lasting and reliable. This design improves midrange frequencies and removes the off-sounds that many oval audio systems produce.

A one-inch aluminum tweeter presents dynamic high-range frequencies. The Rockford Fosgate P1683 is an excellent budget-friendly speaker with an integrated 3-way full-range design. It has a 12” fantastic tweeter and a 34” PEI dome tweeter with an integrated crossover and an injection-molded mineral-stuffed polypropylene woofer cone for deeper bass.

They have a peak power handling of 130W and an RMS power handling of 65W, ensuing in the preferred performance. The 3-way design of Rockford Fosgate is extraordinarily long-lasting, offering full-frequency insurance without the usage of any extra components, and VAST technology presents a larger cone area.


  • Peak Power Response of 130W
  • Design in Three Ways
  • Hardware for Mounting and an OEM Adapter Plate (better fit)
  • Tweeter PEI Dome
  • Reasonably priced


  • The lack of grills is a disadvantage.


Staff Pick
Alpine R-Series 6 x 8 Inch 300 Watt Component 2-Way Car Speakers

Alpine’s Type-R collection audio systems have long been on our listing of the first-class audio system. They’re genuinely outstanding all-around audio systems.

Alpine started these coaxial audio systems by enhancing the best components of the Type-R collection in nearly every way. The new R-Series audio system has the identical complete sound and sturdiness as the preceding models; however, with progressed sound quality.

If your audio system has a small amplifier, these are a perfect choice. It is among the exceptional 6 8 audio systems in bass response and frequency reaction.

This 200W RMS Type-R collection coaxial audio system is perfect for experiencing distortion-free and clean sound. They’re equipped with a multi-layer hybrid fiber cone woofer that produces several exceptional bass and sound quality.

It also has a 1” silk dome tweeter with a ring-dome design that offers smoother highs and maybe effortlessly turned for ideal sound easily available.


  • High Power Handling
  • Santoprene Rubber HAMR (consistent cone movement)
  • Frequency Response: 63 Hz
  • Mounting Depth: 2.6”
  • The impedance of 4 Ohms


  • Expensive

Infinity reference 8632CFX

Budget Pick
Infinity REF8622CFX 6X8 5X7 360W Reference Series 2-Way Coaxial Car Speaker

Infinity is the producer of the subsequent 6×8 audio system in my review. Their Reference range audio system produces considerable audio. It is an exceptional alternative for automobile door speaker systems, generating a well-balanced sound with remarkable bass at an affordable price.

Upgrading a manufacturing unit system to a sophisticated audible system often necessitates compromises. With a 2.5-ohm impedance, this audio set anticipates the problems of the thin factory speaker system.

The speaker’s effectiveness is maximized through this design. Upgrade your system and manufacturing plant speaker system to fully benefit from what these 6 8” audio systems are capable of.

This speaker’s patented Plus OneTM woofer cone and deep tour permit it to attain a number of the lowest frequencies on this list. Warm highs are furnished through oversized, edge-pushed textile dome tweeters. For tuning, the tweeters can boom frequency by up to 3 decibels. They also can swivel 270 degrees to direct high frequencies in the proper direction.


  • High-quality full-range coaxial speakers.
  • High-quality components and construction
  • There is a deep bass response even with factory head units and wiring.


  • Ideally, it should be amplified.
  • Some buyers encounter quality control issues that are difficult to resolve.

JBL Club 8622F

JBL Club 8622F - 6 X 8 Two-way Component Speaker System

JBL’s Club collection is one of the most famed manufacturing unit enhancements for a 6X8 speaker. This is a low-cost opportunity with a higher midbass and bass reaction than the specifications suggest.

This speaker is designed by JBL to adapt appropriately to unreliable manufacturing unit automobile stereos. However, it will also assist with slight amplification if you want to deliver an outboard amp later.

The patent-covered Plus One generation, which presents an in-depth tour and a more extensive cone area, is the critical function of the Club 6X8 speakers.

This generation improves decreased sound while maintaining exceptional sound procreation free of disturbance. Upper frequencies are effortlessly dealt with by edge-pushed silk tweeters.


  • Affordably priced upgrade from factory speakers
  • Exceedingly strong bass response
  • A clear midrange tone


  • It’s a little too bright for systems that don’t have a dedicated subwoofer.


CERWIN VEGA V468 6-Inch x 8-Inch 400 Watts Max 75Watts RMS Power Handling 2-Way Coaxial Speaker Set

The CERWIN VEGA V468 has a reduced deep-drawn basket and a curved cone design for advanced bass quality. Its cone design presents exceptional mid-bass reaction while enhancing off-axis overall performance for a distortion-free live track audio feel.

The woofer cone is shaped of an enduring mica-stuffed poly material as well. It additionally has a 1” aluminum dome tweeter that is extraordinarily long-lasting. The Vega’s signature red surround design is an attention-grabbing addition to any automobile stereo.

It has a distortion-reducing cone style with a low frequency, perfect for a heavy bass track. Likewise, it is manufactured from an exceptionally long-lasting material and has an elegant red design.


  • Frequency Response of 55Hz
  • Mica Filled Poly Cone with a Curvilinear Shape
  • Red Finishing in Signature
  • Dome Tweeter 1”
  • With a peak power of 400W and an RMS power of 75W


  • Higher mounting depth (2.85”) may necessitate the use of a spacer.

Pioneer TS-A6885R

Alphasonik AS68 6x8 inch 350 Watts Max 3-Way Car Audio Full Range Coaxial Speakers

The Pioneer TS-A6885R is one of the exceptional 6×8 audio systems for less than $50. It’s another low-cost option; however, it is very well-engineered. It might be a great purchase for absolutely everyone bored with the flat, dull sound made by manufacturing plant speakers (trust me, I’ve been there).

Pioneer’s A-Series audio system has been made from the roots up to bring new existence to your music. You’ll be capable of listening to clean and suitable sounds, cruising rhythms, chunky guitar riffs, and different bass strains, which have continually been found in your preferred tracks but have been hidden in the back of a worn-out audio system.

Pioneer equipped the TS-A6885R sound systems with multi-layer mica matrix cones that maintain their luminosity and solidity while reproducing seamless and sensitive mids with excellent fulfillment specificity while maintaining affordable disturbance, so your bass sounds clean.

Furthermore, the integrated silent crossing community is designed to integrate the mid-woofer and tweeter for a balanced sound throughout the complete hearing threshold.

These audio systems have one of the broadest resonant frequencies and very balanced and complete audio throughout the brink of hearing, from drum beat to vocalists to flugel.

That means you may listen to various music genres without having to mess around with your vehicle head unit’s E.Q settings to locate the sweet spot.

The Pioneer TS-A6885R is designed to last. They have a consistent strength dealing with a rating of 60 watts and a maximum wattage rating of 350 watts, which offers the audio system sufficient room to deal with huge musical spikes without damaging them.


  • A lightweight elastic polymer surround provides high sensitivity.
  • Voice coil wire that is heat resistant for long-term heat dissipation.
  • A powerful woofer capable of reaching extremely low frequencies.


  • 5/16” Mounting Height, Which Will need a Wider Space

Kicker 41DSC684

4 Kicker 41DSC684 D-Series 6x8 400 Watt 2-Way 4-Ohm Car Audio Coaxial Speakers

The Kicker 41DSC684D-Series audio system features an incredibly sensitive motor framework that permits users to listen to greater frequency ranges more clearly.

This D-series speaker has a peak power of 200 watts, an RMS power of 50 watts, and a 4-ohm resistive rating for advanced sound performance. These speakers have a splendid production, and sound foam surrounds for a coherent finish.

They have a 1” PEI dome tweeter manufactured from polyethylene-naphthalate for progressed resonant frequency and sound quality. These are manufactured from exceptional substances and feature a dome tweeter for progressed sound and bass response. They have an incredibly sensitive motor framework, which aids in presenting enough frequency range for a unique sound.


  • Delicate Motor Structure
  • Tweeters with a Dome
  • Installing Is Simple
  • Improved Audio Quality
  • Long-Lasting Foam Surround


  • Excessive weight

Infinity 6829 CF

Infinity - Kappa 682.9cf - Full Range Car Speakers

These speakers can hand over top-notch sound performance throughout a wide frequency spectrum. Infinity is pleased with its patent-protected “Plus One woofer cones” innovation, which extends the cone to the basket’s edge, presenting extra surface cone area than competing merchandise of equal size.

This means extra bass with minimal (if any) disturbance to enhance the sharp, ultrahigh-frequency response (as much as 35 kHz). The Infinity 6829CF has an acuity rank of 94 dB, which is the finest of the audio systems reviewed in this article.

When purchasing the new audio system, the sensitivity rating is an essential key preferred to take into account. It measures how loudspeakers react to strength. Every 3dB boom minimizes the extent of power rating needed to supply the equal volume by half.

This means that the 94dB Infinity 6829CF speaker calls for only 50 watts to begin generating the same volume as a 91dB speaker that calls for 100 watts. This element sounds remarkable on the pinnacle of everything.

It requires extra wattage than other Infinity audio systems; however, it does the task when powered by a spare automobile stereo, but you will get the best feasible outcomes if you feed it masses of power from an outboard adapter. Having stated that, you would push the speakers to interrupt them.
What we adore exceptional about these speakers is that they have got one of the maximum dependable power handling rankings available.

When you integrate this with their maximum sensitivity rating, you get speakers that could jar your eardrums. One factor to keep in mind is that it calls for plenty of power.

I would not endorse it to a person who does not have a manufacturing plant stereo. Only audiophiles will be capable of experimenting with this because they will understand what they are doing and will be able to afford an external amplifier or a spare automobile stereo at the very least.


  • Excellent reputation for sound and quality
  • Bass is fantastic.
  • Highs are not shrill or obnoxious in any way.
  • There is no distortion.


  • Crossover hangouts are inconvenient.

Kenwood KFC-C6866S

Kenwood KFC‑C6866S 6x8 2‑Way 250 Watt Car Stereo Speakers

The Kenwood KFC-C6866S is one of the exceptional speakers for bringing out the mids and high notes. They have a coaxial design that makes them easy to put in.

These have polypropylene cones that add strong mid-bass and dynamic midrange to the sound. It has a 1” PEI balanced dome tweeter for deeper bass.

They have a 63Hz frequency range, a legitimate field enhancer, and an elevated magnetic circuit for better sound quality. These are extraordinarily long-lasting with a rubber surround and water-resistant paper woofer cones.

They encompass an integrated PEI dome tweeter with crossover for progressed frequency reaction and bass. They’re additionally low-cost and feature a protracted lifespan.


  • The 400 Watt Peak Power 1” PEI Balanced Dome Tweeter is a plus.
  • Woofer Featuring a Paper Cone Construction
  • Enhancer of the Sound Field
  • Crossover built-in
  • Affordable


  • 5/16” mounting height, which necessitates more space

Skar Audio TX68

Skar Audio TX68 6 x 8 200W 2-Way Elite Coaxial Car Speakers

The Skar Audio TX68 is an Elite TX Series coaxial speaker with a maximum output of 200 Watts and an RMS power of 100 Watts. It has a 1” silk dome tweeter and a 4-ohm impedance for accurate mid-range and progressed sound quality.

The resonant frequency tiers are from 60Hz to 20,000Hz, with a sensitivity of 89dB for a clean transition. It additionally has a tough TPE surround and a robust ferrite magnet with a 1.25” copper voice coil for better staging.

It is one of the exceptional speakers for generating better, clearer, and extra sturdy bass. They have a 1.25” high-temperature copper voice coil manufactured from top-class ferrite magnets for longer sturdiness. The design is meant to supply a lot of bass and sound.


  • 200 Watts Peak Power With 100 Watts RMS
  • 1” Silk Dome Tweeter
  • High-Frequency Response
  • Durable Material And Surround Glass Fibre Cone


  • There are no plug-and-play harnesses available.

6×8 Speaker Pricing

  • Under $50:

At this rate point, there are some particular price range picks, several of which might be far more advanced than others. The quality of the speakers varies significantly here, with a few being pretty appropriate and others sounding tinny or weak. Please remember that many 6x8s are offered as a single unit instead of in pairs, which could make promoting costs a bit deceiving.

  • $50-$100:

Most mid-range speakers are an amazing choice. They’ll continue to be genuine in their assurances in phrases of sound, sturdiness, and frequency, and the costs are affordable enough that you could replace your whole automobile. This class will also begin to see sleek and modern designs that allow you to set it apart from the clunkier black-on-black designs found at the budget price point.

  • Over $100:

This is the price range to look at if y in case you need genuinely outstanding 6×8 speakers. They will have a sleek design, suitable tone, and exceptional sturdiness here. The rate is a bit higher; however, the audio system ought to offer much more usual value for the money. You’ll thank us later in case you’re a music fan.

Key Features


The sound of your new audio system is one of the most critical elements to consider. Sound quality is impacted by several factors, several of which might be more complicated than others. We’ll keep it simple and say that commercial manufacturing, content material quality, and the R&D behind the technology make a considerable difference. The higher-priced audio system has better, more balanced sound, with fantastic highs, deep mids, driving bass, and clean vocals. For exceptional results, search for an audio system with these capabilities


Each pair of speaker systems would work with every in-automobile sound system in a perfect world. Unfortunately, compatibility may be a problem, specifically with a lower-priced audio system not constructed to the same standards as their higher-priced competing companies. That isn’t always to mention that a higher rate usually means better performance; however, do your studies before shopping 6x8s to make sure they will work together with your audio system


You can set up your own 6x8s when you have fundamental electrician skills, the proper tools, and multiple hours of free time. Remember that a few speakers are simpler to set up than others; that is where many models can and do vary. The ease of setup is decided by numerous factors, the most crucial of which are the included setup, the quality and quantity of pre-drilled holes, and the speaker’s external fitting.


If you need to up your music game for your vehicle, it is time to update your manufacturing unit vehicle speakers with a few new 6x8s. If you revel in music, their vibrant audio quality, progressed volume control, and entire sleek look will make all of the difference. It is hard to understand where to begin with many such alternatives available. So if you have read this article, you would have surely learned the whole thing you want to understand about deciding on the exceptional 6×8 audio system for your automobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are car speakers required to be “broken in?”

In a nutshell, no. Although it is a famous false impression that automobile audio systems require time to break in before they function effectively, the fact is that you do not want to play the audio system at any constant volume for any constant duration of time. Simply use them as you spot fit and alter the quantity for your liking.

Is replacing my factory speaker really worth it?

Without a doubt. Music will sound crisper and extra vibrant with the new 6×8 audio system, imitating how it sounded when it was turned into recorded. That’s a particular plus for music fans; however, it can enhance everybody’s typical automobile music experience.

What is a tweeter and how does the type of my speaker makes the difference?

A tweeter is an element of a speaker that yields the best frequency range. They’re critical for replicating sounds precisely, and the kind of material used affects how properly your audio system regenerates those hues. The most sensitive tweeters are manufactured from paper, and at the same time as composites are more long-lasting.

Can I install 6×8 car speakers on my own?

In most cases, it is an attainable task. In addition to an additional pair of hands, basic electric skills are beneficial. You’ll need to ensure that the whole thing is well wired and mounted or end up with a jumbled mess. If you are no longer sure you could DIY your speaker installation, it is an excellent concept to lease a professional to do it properly.

Is it allowed to install my factory grills?

You can make use of them. Just bear in mind that your new audio system will most probably include a set of grilles supposed to function with them that allows you to usually offer the top-quality sound (and, in many cases, will look a lot sleeker than your manufacturing unit grilles).

What exactly is a 4-way speaker?

The 4-way audio system also referred to as a quad-axial vehicle audio system, is very much like 3-way speakers. They only have one extra super-tweeter, so it has two tweeters, a mid-range cone, and a bass component. This extra tweeter permits the speaker to cowl a much broader range of frequencies. As a result, the overall sound quality improves with a much broader and clearer range that a 2 or 3-way speaker can not offer

The 4-way audio system also referred to as a quad-axial vehicle audio system, is like 3-way speakers. They only have one extra super-tweeter, so it has two tweeters, a mid-range cone, and a bass component. This extra tweeter permits the speaker to cowl a much broader range of frequencies. As a result, the overall sound quality improves with a much broader and clearer range that a 2 or 3-way speaker can not offer

To Sum it Up

Many 6X8 speakers with exceptional bass are on the market; however, we have presented you with remarkable products.

These are perfect for changing your manufacturing plant audio system for higher and more powerful sound quality. They are manufactured from long-lasting materials and encompass extra functions for better and clear, more precise, and fantastic bass and audio performance. Again, these are extraordinarily simple to set up and perform on shoestring finances.

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