Best Bluetooth Speakers for Under 30$ in 2022 [Buyers Guide]

Need the utmost audio quality? Need one with smart assistant support? Powerful sound? Something with smart assistant support? Voice control? Better battery life? Supports hands-free calls?

Whether you want to relax in the shower listening to soft music or have an intense workout session with high bass music and great sound serving as your company, Bluetooth Speakers are the right choice for you. Having portable and cheap Bluetooth speakers is the newest trend in town.

At a Glance:

The best Sounding Bluetooth Speakers come with many features, including long-term battery life and a wide range of connectivity. Moreover, their compact size, wireless system, and light-weighted body make them highly portable and easy to carry. 

This is why this article about the best portable wireless speakers was created. Having numerous exceptional features, one would expect that a portable Speaker would take a toll on your savings.

Although there are various expensive options in the market, if you are not keen on spending a huge chunk of your bank balance on a portable Bluetooth Speaker, we have made your hunt easier.  

You could always get a budget Bluetooth speaker. Below, we have compiled a list of the 12 Best Bluetooth Speakers for under 30$, followed by a detailed discussion on the specifications of each of the Bluetooth speakers.

Below you will also, find a compact list of the pros and cons of each, so you have a better insight into the specifications of each. 

List of Top 12 Best Bluetooth Speakers for under 30$

DesignBluetooth SpeakerRetailer
Best PickAnker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker
Check Price
Staff PickXLEADER Sound Angel
Check Price
Budget PickBUGANI M99 Bluetooth Speaker
Check Price
SANAG Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Check Price
Amazon Basics Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Check Price
Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa
Check Price
Tribit X Sound GO
Check Price
Doss Soundbox Bluetooth Speaker
Check Price
VicTsing Soundbot C6
Check Price
Hussar MBox Bluetooth Speaker
Check Price
Zosam Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
Check Price
JBL GO 2 Bluetooth Speaker
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Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker

Best Pick
best bluetooth speakers for under 30

It is the overall best blue tooth speaker if you are looking for a high-quality speaker under 30$. What makes it the best? Well, apart from its very compact and small size, almost fitting in hand, the battery life it offers on its own is a feature worth spending money on.

24-hr battery life is a blessing for people who mostly wish to use the speakers outdoors. Moreover, you get a 66- feet connectivity range.

So you don’t have to worry about losing your connection if you sway a little farther away from the speaker.

It has a very highly sensitive driver and a bass port, ensuring that you get good quality sound that doesn’t lose its quality I the volume is increased. Anker Soundcore is known for the quality of its sound.

According to customer reviews, it is the best quality sound you get at such an affordable price. Furthermore, it is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about liquid splashes on it.

It has a rubber coating making it a bit sturdy, and the controls are on the top of the body.

Laser light on the front indicates whether it is charging to add to the list of specifications; it also offers a microphone.

So, you can easily have wireless conversations if you are the kind of person who avoids the hassle of wires. Basically, you are getting a speaker with specifications worth almost 50$ in 3/5th of its worth.


  • High-quality sound
  • Wide range of connectivity
  • Very long battery life
  • Water-resistant
  • Microphone


  • No app to connect
  • Controls mix up with the body, so it is hard to identify
  • Rubber casing tends to get fingerprints, so it requires regular cleaning

XLEADER Sound Angel

Staff Pick

It has a 40 mm/ 5W speaker and a 3D audio processor. So it is sure to provide you with good quality decent sound and an average bass.

It also provides one USB slot for charging and a 3.5 mm AUX slot to connect with other devices. It is compatible with iPhones laptops, Mp3s, etc.

This speaker gives you a bundle of options in colors like black, silver, and rose gold to choose from according to what appeals to your eyes.

The circular shape of the speaker is unique compared to the usual rectangular shapes of most portable Bluetooth speakers.

It turns off automatically after 15 minutes when not in use, thus saving the battery from its modest 10-hour battery life. There is a slight possibility that it might sometimes lag while in use.


  • 3D Audio processor
  • Color choices
  • Circular
  • Turns off after 15 min
  • Modest battery timing


  • Average bass
  • Can lag occasionally

BUGANI M99 Bluetooth Speaker

Budget Pick
Bluetooth Speaker, BUGANI M99 Portable Bluetooth Speaker 5.0, 100ft Wireless Range, Louder Volume, Stereo Sound, Amazing Bass, IPX5, Built-in Mic, Spea

If you are a bicycle rider who loves listening to music while cycling away your stresses, you need to have a speaker firmly bound to your bike.

BUGANI M99 has sorted that problem out for you. It offers a bracket that can be fixed to the handle of your bicycle.

It has a LED light which gives you an indication of whether it is connected or not, rendering it fairly easy for the user to understand. It also has a wide audio spectrum allowing you to enjoy very loud or very low sounds however you please, without considerably affecting the sound quality.

The sound does not guess too harsh or sharply at high amplitudes, and it is projected efficiently even when you are cycling and the speaker is in constant motion.

When the sound is in motion, it tends to decrease in amplitude as it is scattered with the motion. But you don’t have to worry about that with this speaker because it can manage loud sound volumes.

The 16 Watt drivers allow bass production efficiently. It is mostly designed to be used outdoors, so it is bound to have good battery timing. And of course, like all others, it has a USB and AUX slot.


  • Outdoor use
  • Support large volumes
  • Good bass
  • Good battery time
  • LED light
  • Bracket to fix on the handle


  • No app

SANAG Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable-Bluetooth-SpeakerSANAG-Bluetooth-5.0-Dual-Pairing-Loud-Wireless-Mini-Speaker-360-SurrounSound Rich Stereo Bass24H Playtime IPX67 Water

This has quite a different body material. It is made with rubber and fabric, so it tends to get dirty easily.
360 HD feature of this speaker gives you an amazing experience of music. Not only this, it has a short rubber loop which can be used to hang it anywhere you like.

The changing colors of LED lights and the buttons on the lower half of the body make it user-friendly.

The 5-watt bass it uses is good in quality but less in-depth. The sound is crystal clear, and a very unique feature of this speaker is that it can be completely submerged in the water, making it best for bathtub music sessions.
It has a special covering on the charging slot to cover when it is not charging so that dust does not get stuck there. Unlike other speakers in the same category, which offer a normal USB port, this has a micro USB port.


  • 360 HD sound
  • Covering on charging slot
  • Rubber loop
  • Sturdy
  • Good bass
  • Clear sound
  • Color variations
  • User friendly
  • Long battery timing


  • Micro USB so cannot be charged with a normal USB cord which is easily available
  • Bass not deep enough
  • The body tends to get dirty easily

Amazon Basics Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


At nearly half the price of the Anker Soundcore, Amazon Basics offers you nearly the same quality of sound using its 2.5 Watt speakers.

It is extra-compact and light-weighted, making it much more portable. It is pretty easy to connect it to other devices with a 3.5 mm Aux port and USB port for charging. However, it offers 33 feet range of connectivity and the battery life of only 8 hours is a letdown.

When you intend to use a portable device, especially one you use a lot, battery life I one of the most important factors to consider. Although the battery is reusable, you cannot use the device while charging.


  • Cheaper
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Variety of colors available
  • Easy to connect


  • Cannot use while charging
  • Very little battery life

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart speaker with Alexa Charcoal 1

This is a smart solution to give you a unique experience in sound. It has smart controls and still respects your privacy.

The speaker’s design comes with fabrics that are fit for a speaker and ready to work well for your adventure.

The fabric design is compact and small enough to fit in limited spaces of your home or office. You have a good chance of making your music experience worth it.

Make your commands with your voice and Alexa. You also have the privilege of streaming your favorite music at any time and making your smart selections.

You have a variety of unique features that await you. In fact, you can call anyone in the house without pressing any buttons. The intercom is getting smarter every day. 


  • Small enough to fit limited rooms
  • Smart control features
  • Intercom enabled
  • Stream music


  • May not
  • bring out the heavy bass

Tribit X Sound GO


Another option for you is Tribit X, measuring 6.7 x 2.3 x 2.2 and weighing 13 ounces. Although the dimensions are slightly bigger, it weighs comparatively less.

It is IPX 7 verified, meaning you can even immerse yourself in the bathtub while taking a soothing bath.
The most amazing feature it has its 24 hours battery timing, sure to last you 2/3 days if you use it for several hours daily.

This also is more convenient for those who intend to use it outdoors most of the time.
So, the speaker getting out of charging would not be your headache if this is the one you are using.

Talking about the quality, when you compare it to other options in the same price range, it lacks bass, and the voice becomes harsh at loud volumes.

But you can always lower the volume to avoid that. However, it doesn’t offer any app to connect with your other devices like laptops and smartphones.


  • Long battery life
  • Water-resistant
  • Light-weighted
  • Mic


  • Bigger in size
  • No app
  • Lacks bass

Doss Soundbox Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers, DOSS SoundBox Touch Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers with 12W HD Sound and Bass, IPX5 Waterproof, 20H Playtime,Touch Contr

This 19.7 ounces speaker has dimensions of 6.6 x 2.9 x 2.7. It is better as a desk speaker and doesn’t really project the sound efficiently outdoors.

The battery timing is 12hrs, and it is IPX4 verified, which means it can endure some splashes of water.
It has good bass and gives full vocals. But at higher volumes, the sound tends to get very sharp and harsh in quality.

Like most others, it also offers a microphone feature. If you casually like to listen to some music while relaxing in the lounge or enjoy it while cooking in the kitchen, this is perfect for you.

But if you have to use it while cycling or running outdoors, it is better to invest in a different one.


  • Variety of colors available
  • Modest battery life
  • Good bass
  • Mic
  • Good for indoors


  • The sound gets distorted at high volumes
  • Projection of sound inadequate
  • Not for outdoors

VicTsing Soundbot C6


This is the speaker of choice for those who love jamming to music while showering.

It has a suction cup that easily fixes it to surfaces, including your shower walls or the wall near your treadmill. Being 6.7 ounces only, it is very light-weighted, making it easy to fix a wall. It is IPX 5 verified, so any splashes from your shower won’t cause any damage.

The bass is good in quality, and the treble is also high-caliber. The range it offers is 33 fairly modest feet.

But the battery timing is something you might want to think twice about. 6 hours of battery timing is not something one would expect from a good portable Bluetooth speaker. 


  • Good treble
  • Quality bass
  • Suction pump
  • Very small and light
  • Splash resistant


  • Controls are hard to use
  • Battery timing is very low

Hussar MBox Bluetooth Speaker


This speaker presents you with adjustable EQ bass boost features that give you premium-quality bass.


The weight, 16 ounces, is slightly greater than other speakers in the same category, and it is also relatively big in size.

Although the bass is good due to EQs, the treble is weak in nature. With a modest battery timing of 10 hours and IPX 5 verification, Hussar MBox can serve as a quality option in the category of best Bluetooth speakers under 30$. It also offers a mic feature.


  • EQ bass boosters
  • Good sound quality
  • Splash resistant
  • Mic


  • Weights somewhat heavier
  • Dimensions are a little big
  • Weak in treble

Zosam Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker


This is one of the sturdier options out of the list. The metal grills and plastic casing of its body render it less prone to damage in case of falls. Also, it has a good build, and the shape is designed so that it is less likely to fall.


It can connect a 3.5 mm AUX cord with other devices and has a slot for an SD card.

The range is perfect for a speaker in such a price range. It is IPX 6 verified, reducing the chances of damage in case of contact with water.

Although it also offers a microphone specification, this speaker’s overall sound quality is relatively less than other speakers in the same category.


  • Good build
  • Sturdy
  • IPX6
  • Good range of connectivity
  • Modest battery timing
  • Small in size


  • Overall sound quality is less than others
  • No app

JBL GO 2 Bluetooth Speaker


This IPX7 verified Bluetooth speaker is considered to be completely water-resistant. Even submerging it in the beach or your bathtub would not damage it.

That doesn’t mean that you go on to test it out, but it is a measure of how water resistant it is.

The shape of the speaker is visually pleasing to the aesthetics, and you get a cute speaker with good bass quality for under 30$.


The sound is modestly balanced and reasonable in quality. It also offers a 3.5mm AUX cable slot like almost all other speakers in the same category. But when it comes to the battery timing, it has the lowest.

So if you are a person with a hectic routine and do not usually get time to manage the speaker’s charging, this one is no designed for you.

But if you want a little aesthetically pleasing, quality bass producing, an affordable speaker that can compromise the low battery life, this can prove to be a good investment.


  • Visually beautiful
  • Visually beautiful
  • Good bass
  • Water-resistant
  • Sound quality good


  • Low battery life

Final Words:

Once we have been through all the different models, it will be very convenient for the reader to choose from the list.

When you are looking for the best Bluetooth speakers for under 30$, the most important thing is the sound quality.

If it has good bass, doesn’t get distorted in high-pitched sounds, can support very high amplitudes of volumes, and projects sound clearly and efficiently, then there are no qualms in buying it.

The next thing you look for is battery timing, especially if you are busy and need it mostly for outdoor working hours. And last but not least, the sizing matters a lot too.

You can not carry a huge and heavy speaker everywhere with you. The compacter and lighter it is, the better. Moreover, you have to consider the range of connectivity, user-friendliness, and visual presentation of the device.

To conclude, it largely depends on the person intending to buy and their choices. So, before buying Bluetooth speakers, you need to evaluate what you want from your speakers and then look for one.

We have made that search simpler in the form o the list above of the 12 best Bluetooth speakers, so you don’t have to worry about your budget either.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Bluetooth Speaker need wifi?

No, the Bluetooth speakers work perfectly without a connection to the wifi. The wifi signals do not interfere with the signals of the Bluetooth technology so it is normal to have both connections working simultaneously in the same range. However, if you want, you can connect both Bluetooth and wifi to the same speaker at the same time.

How to use a Bluetooth speaker with mobile phone?

It is fairly easy to connect your phone to your Bluetooth speaker. All you have to do is follow the convenient instructions given below.

-> Go to the settings of your phone and turn the Bluetooth on
->Turn your speaker on. It has its Bluetooth automatically on.
-> Find the name of your speaker on its body, usually on the box or the backside
-> Your phone would be searching for available Bluetooth devices in the meanwhile.
-> Find the name of your speaker in the list of available Bluetooth devices
-> Click the name
-> An icon will appear to confirm the connection
-> Approve it and wait for the icon of ‘connected’ on your phone
-> The speaker will then say connected in the designed language, and you are all set to go.

Is my Bluetooth speaker waterproof?

Most of the speakers listed above are waterproof. Maybe you have a speaker which you know nothing about, and you have no idea if it’s waterproof or not; then consider doing the following:

If you genuinely don’t know if your speaker is waterproof or not, then try searching its model on the Internet. The Internet contains all sorts of information regarding anything you want to know.

If you are not sure whether your speaker is waterproof or not, do not, under any circumstances, put it in water just to test it. Not only will it be the demise of your speaker but also of your money.

If you search on the Internet and your speaker does, in fact, turn out to be waterproof, then do not leave it in water for long periods of time.

You would have no idea how much water your speaker can stand. If you have a waterproof speaker for a long period, then maybe it has lost its waterproofing ability.

Any structural damage to the speaker creates pathways for water to enter inside. Wear and tear will only cause additional pathways for water to enter.

Can my Bluetooth speaker record sound?

Most of the speakers cannot record any form of sound. The speakers listed above do not record any form of voice or sound.

Speakers are supposed to play sounds out loud. Speakers are only designed to give a sufficient output of enhanced sound. However, some speakers do exist that record as well as play sound.

If you want to know if your Bluetooth speaker can record sound, then consider doing the following:

• Connect your Bluetooth speaker to your PC.
• Go to the control panel and select ‘manage devices’
• Click on ‘Manage Audio Devices
• From there, click on the ‘Input’ Tab

If you see your Bluetooth speaker’s name in the input tab, your speaker can record sound and be used as a microphone.

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