Best Equalizer Settings For Car Audio Bass Mid Treble

Who can be the best partner other than a piece of good music when going on a drive? And, if the sound quality is an issue, use the best equalizer settings for car audio bass mid treble wisely and enjoy the crystal clear sound!

A drive without music can make the journey too dull, and it feels equally worse when music is there, but the sound seems terrible. Whether you’re going alone or with friends, music is a MUST HAVE to enjoy the ride to the fullest.

You may think that you should replace the speakers with better ones but, it’s not the speakers but the tuning you need to set. You must ensure that the car’s audio bass, and mid-travel are adjusted perfectly or not. At most times, it is audio tuning settings that you need to change, and once done, you’re all set to nail the ride with your favorite tracks.

But no worries! You are about to explore the Best Equalizer Settings For Car Audio Bass Mid Treble quickly and most efficiently in the next few minutes. So, without wasting a moment, let’s get into the details.

Say Goodbye to Bad Audio Sounds

Best Equalizer Settings For Car Audio Bass Mid Treble

We invest a fair amount of money to buy a high-quality sound system to enjoy music while on a ride. However, it often results in the opposite of how we had expected. It does not mean that the speakers are faulty, but we are unaware of applying the best settings to achieve optimum sound quality.

By altering settings, we can enjoy music once we learn equalizer settings for the car’s audio bass, mid, and treble. When riding in a vehicle, having speakers that produce the perfect bass and sound quality can undoubtedly increase the joy. So now, it is high time to say goodbye to the wrong audio settings and change it to be perfect as a pro.

How To Know If It is a Speakers Issue or Audio Tuning Settings?

Your car’s sound system doesn’t need to require audio tuning at all times, and there can be speaker issues present. If the speakers are old enough or some fault occurred, that can be a case. However, it happens pretty rarely, and most of the time, it is terrible audio tuning settings.

However, it is pretty simple to apply new audio tuning to determine whether it’s speakers or sound tuning matter. In both cases, you will find out the answer, and if speakers have failed, you can replace them with new ones. In another case, adjust the sound and feel the ride at its best with your favorite music.

How To Apply Best Equalizer Settings?

Best Equalizer Settings

If you don’t know much about operating a sound system’s advanced settings, here we have quick info for you to understand the sound settings better. When talking about “equalization,” it can be defined as adjusting frequencies until we reach the target frequency. Equalization allows us to fine-tune the frequency that feels right into the ears.

You can equalize the car stereo and lower the bass to the desired level if you listen to music with many bass but don’t like it. It allows you to feel the music inside the car by getting rid of extraordinarily high or low bass levels.

The other three sound bands are bass, mid, and treble. Each of these sound bands varies, and all three bands deliver different frequencies. Bass defines the lowest while treble tells you about the higher frequency your ears can bear. The name suggests that the frequency of “mid” lies between bass and treble and is much more neutral than bass and treble.

Steps to Follow for Adjusting Your Car’s Stereo Settings

Follow the steps provided here to equalize the stereo and adjust your car’s sound system. You can get the sound you like from your car audio once you understand equalization.

Step#1 Turn on the Stereo

Turn on the Stereo

You must ensure that the car is parked when tuning the stereo. Make time to adjust your stereo before starting to drive perfectly. There’s no need to rush it because it may be a pleasurable experience.

Step#2 Try To Understand Frequency to Tune Perfectly

Turn on the stereo in a parked car and play music with different frequencies. This practice will allow you to understand music equalization, and you will be able to adjust it without any issues.

Step#3 Adjust the Fade Tuning

Fade Tuning

Adjust the fade tuning on your stereo so that the music only comes out of the front-most speakers. After then, tweak the balance until you get the sound. Now note these options once you have adjusted settings to your desired tunings.

After this, you will have to reverse the fade control to listen to the sound of the rear speakers. Adjust the balance one more time until you are satisfied with the sound, then save the adjustment.

Now, set the rear speakers’ tune to lessen the treble. Observe whether your head unit allows you to regulate tone differences between the front and back speakers or not?. Even with the loud volume, the music should sound like coming from the front speakers.

Step# 4 Adjust the Tone as Desired

Listen to music carefully and observe what you don’t like about it. Now experiment with the bass, mid, and treble to find the desired sound for you. People prefer different bass, mid, and treble frequencies; thus, no one frequency can please each person; we adjust it per personal preference.

It’s solely up to you to figure out what combination of bass, mid, and treble sounds best for you. It is an easy task to perform in minimum time. After you’ve practiced it a few times, you’ll be able to alter the sound in no time.

The main thing you will get to deal with is the bass most time. To change bass and tune it as per the track’s sound, adjust the lower frequency until you get the desired sound. When equalizing the tuning, ensure to keep that at a moderate level, then you can easily change mid and treble.

Points to Know Before Tuning

It is crucial to know a few points before adjusting your stereo settings. A few changes to the speakers can help to improve the overall sound of the car’s stereo system. Play one of your favorite songs and begin making these adjustments, just like you would while tuning your audio.

1. Noise Reduction

You must check noise-reducing materials to improve the overall sound of your stereo system. The vibrations created by speaker, vehicle, and road noise are absorbed by a noise-reducer such as a Dynamat. Dynamat can be used to lessen subwoofer rattling, thus; resulting in a tighter bass sound with less distortion.

These tuning recommendations will allow you to bring the most out of your new car entertainment system. You need to customize your car audio to the point that it suits your music and sound preferences.

2. Subwoofer settings

Set the suitable high-pass filters for the front speakers at the lowest frequency. It will allow the speakers to handle it easily if your stereo has a built-in crossover. Once done with this, increase the crossover point until you hear the bass, but they still sound like the sound is coming from behind you.

3. Tune the Tweeters

Direct the tweeter’s high frequencies to your ears, ideally from the driver’s seat, using tweeter mounts or waveguides. To get the optimum sound, try pointing the tweeters in different directions. Adjust the tweeter settings on the crossovers until you hear the desired sound.

4. Speakers Positioning in a Car

Your vehicle’s sound system consists of a head unit, an amplifier, and two speakers. The Head unit transfers the audio signals to the amplifier, which converts these signals to sound and amplifies that sound. The quality of sound depends on the amplifier’s quality.

5. Rear Fill Settings

The car’s front speakers should provide the best mid-and high-range frequencies,  and the rear speakers must be barely audible. The rear speakers must add depth to the front speakers’ sound.

6. Speakers Settings

Make sure the speakers can produce a clear sound. Even after perfect equalization, you will not get the desired results if they are not in the accurate phase. All the problems with the speakers will show up and move in simultaneously with in-phase speakers.

To test, play a song with many basses and balance one side of the speakers. Bring the balance back to the center. If you notice a noticeable increase in bass, your speakers are in phase.

7. Speaker’s Quality

After trying everything, every option you have not to get the desired sound, you should look into the quality of your car speakers. Whether you are using poor-quality speakers, it isn’t essential to focus on equalization or not.


Understandably, we often make mistakes when figuring out whether the problem is with the sound system or the settings. It is not complicated to adjust the sound settings as per personal preference if you follow the steps carefully. However, it happens to be poor equalizer settings of audio bass, treble and mid in most cases.

We have shared all the possible solutions and reliable ways to get the precise sound. Hopefully, the article will have helped you quickly understand and adjust the audio tuning. And, from now on, you can get the crystal clear sound and enjoy yourself with your loved ones!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Bass Mid And Treble Settings For Car Stereo?

Let’s breakdown the whole process and learn how we can adjust our car stereo manually:

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> Tune each side speaker separately:
> Adjust overall tone:
> Speaker’s adjustment and noise elimination:
> Tweeters
> Rear Speakers:
> Subwoofers:
> Noise Reduction:
> Use of RTA ( real-time analyzer):
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