Best Small Bluetooth Speaker for Under $20 Reviews in 2022

Want a handy speaker to take along everywhere you go? Want a speaker that lets you enjoy every beat of the music? The answer for all this is Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers are amazing small-sized, portable speakers. They are light in weight, wireless, and fun to use.

Nowadays, this Bluetooth speaker has become a must in everybody’s life. But finding a perfect one is not that easy. Due to its demand, there are various collections of Bluetooth speakers everywhere. But this article will take you to the best small Bluetooth speaker for under $20 collections.

At a Glance:

Looking for a Bluetooth speaker within budget? Then you are at the right place. Because this article will bring to you the best and most rocking Bluetooth speakers available at a low budget. Without compromising the quality and the sounding system, that is not less than the high-budget speakers.

List of 8 Best Small Bluetooth Speaker for Under $20

DesignBluetooth SpeakerRetailer
Best PickOontZ Angle Solo- Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Check Price
Budget PickXLeader SoundAngel A8 Touch Bluetooth speaker
Check Price
ALLWAY Ultra-Compact Mini Bluetooth Speaker
Check Price
GINGO Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Check Price
LENRUE A10 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Check Price
KAYINOW 5W IPX7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Check Price
MIFA F10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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OontZ Angle Solo- Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Pick
Best Small Bluetooth Speaker for Under $20

This speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers for under 20 dollars. Surprisingly high volume lets you enjoy the music to the fullest. It is a super stylish portable, lightweight wireless speaker. Use it for outdoor travels, indoor parties, camping, pools, etc.

It has a lanyard that lets you attach it to bags or backpacks and carry them with no fuss. When compared to the size bass beyond it. The sound quality is way too good for this budget. It is perfect for taking it everywhere you go.

Quickly connects with any device without any hassle. It ranges up to 10 feet, which is just incredible. Also comes with play/pause and volume buttons to ease the control. Built-in mics are present to let you speak and reach out anytime you need.

A fully charged battery runs up to 12 hours. Party time? Play it the whole night. Runs on an internal rechargeable battery. To connect to a non-Bluetooth device, you can connect through AUX. It has a 3.5 mm port input.

The design is so simple that it makes you use them with ease. You can keep them anywhere. The device which you are connecting may be placed 100 ft apart. Still, the sound quality remains amazing. The Bluetooth 4.2 technology lets a great wireless range and quick connections.

Special features:

  • IPX5 water-resistant.
  • Quick connection with Bluetooth range up to 100 feet.
  • 5 watts power
  • Playback time is up to 12 hours.
  • Passive bass radiator present.
  • Built-in mics.


  • Lightweight
  • 100ft wireless range
  • User friendly
  • Sounds great and loud
  • Has USB charging cable and lanyard
  • Waterproof


  • The battery may overheat
  • Volume slows down with the charge
  • Mics are weak

EWA A 106 portable Bluetooth speaker ( Bestselling)

Staff Pick
Travel Case Packed, EWA A106 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Custom Bass Radiator, Brief Design, IP67 Waterproof, Perfect Mini Speaker for Shower, Room, Bike, Car (Black)

This EWA portable Bluetooth speaker is a wonder in the world of speakers. With its custom bass radiator and simple design, it is one of the best Bluetooth speakers. It is a perfect mini speaker and is waterproof. So from shower time to traveling, this speaker is just wow.

It comes in different beautiful colors. And is a wonderful low-budget speaker. The HiFi passive radiator helps deliver rich bass deep and high lows. Though the size is small, the 3W high-performance driver lets you enjoy high and clear sound.

You can take this Bluetooth speaker to pools, hiking, camping, picnics, showers time, party, traveling, and everywhere. Charge for 2 hours and enjoy up to 8 hours of solid playback time. Plays for more time when the volume is reduced to 50%.

It has an LED indicator that tracks and controls every task. The essence of unique technology and custom-made, fully equipped neodymium magnet makes this speaker miraculous.

It has a packed case that promises your speakers protection. Also lets you listen to music uninterrupted. The metal hooking allows you to hang it anywhere you want. With this Bluetooth speaker, be prepared to make every moment special.

Special feature:

  • Comes with a hard EWA case to protect the speaker even while playing.
  • High performance 3W neodymium driver.
  • A LED indicator manages every task.
  • Connect to any Bluetooth device.
  • Rechargeable battery, giving up to 8 hours of playtime.
  • Micro USB cable included.
  • IP67 Waterproof.


  • Simple, stylish, and easy to carry.
  • Amazing battery life.
  • Sound quality beyond its size.
  • One button controls everything.


  • No AUX-in, NFC, microphone input ports.
  • No built-in mics.
  • Weak stereo.

XLeader SoundAngel A8 Touch Bluetooth speaker

Budget Pick

One of the best portable Bluetooth speakers with touch control. You can effortlessly enjoy music with its smart touch design. For this budget, this is an amazing Bluetooth speaker. The design is made such that the buttons are made separately. Overall easy and stylish to use and control.

The sound quality, too, is rocking. It has a 5W crystal sound and a passive bass radiator with a 3d digital audio processor. This helps the speakers produce a louder, high, and distortion-free clear sound.

Coming to the battery life, it is built-in with a high-performance Li battery. Giving the playback time of 15 hours. Compared to other small speakers under $20, this has 2-3 times more than others.

This speaker is multi-functional. With Bluetooth version 5.0, it can pair within 3s with devices. It can also be connected to non-Bluetooth devices. SD cards can be inserted and play music anytime. For calls and voice assistants it has a built-in mic as well.

When comes to water resistance, it has a waterproof case. The case protects this mini Bluetooth speaker without compromising the sound system. You can take this speaker to pools, showers, and wherever you want. With the help of the case, you need not worry about any damages.

The range is up to 66ft. Which is perfect for any outdoor events or small parties. Even it is an amazing choice for traveling.

Special features:

  • LED smart touch design
  • HD sound and bass with a 3D digital processor
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Ultra-portable comes with a waterproof case
  • 15 hours playback time
  • Supports AUX and SD/TF card


  • Touch screen
  • SD card can be inserted.
  • Auto shutdown and power saving
  • Waterproof
  • Amazing sound quality


  • Only the case is waterproof
  • The lowest volume is not low
  • The speaker cant be clipped or hanged

ALLWAY Ultra-Compact Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Small Bluetooth Speaker,ALLWAY Ultra Compact Mini Portable Bluetooth Speakers

This is another amazing Bluetooth wireless speaker. The ultra-portable mini compact speakers come with very loud stereo sound. Relish rich bass music limitless. Take pieces of music wherever you go.

Connect with speedy Bluetooth connectivity or TF cards. Listen to boundless music. Hence, this makes this speaker ultra-durable and portable. The LED indicator lets you know the functions of this wireless speaker.

The sound is very powerful with incredible battery life. The LI battery is rechargeable. The playback time is at least 6 hours. Enjoy loud audio without getting fatigued. Bath in music, walk with music. Take music with you anywhere you want.

The Bluetooth is 5.0 version. Let you have easy access to any device that’s ready to pair. Provides excellent, seamless connections ranging up to 164 ft distance. Hence making this wireless speaker highly compatible.

Take this omnidirectional speaker to family get-togethers, parties, outdoors, and indoor activities. You can connect this portable Bluetooth speaker to cars, laptops, phones, echo, and more.

Special feature;

  • Ultra-compact mini portable speakers
  • loud stereo bass-rich sound
  • 164 feet seamless range
  • 5.0 Bluetooth version
  • Powered battery


  • Very small and handy
  • TF cards can be connected
  • Double stereo audio system
  • Built-in mics are present
  • 164 feet range


  • Mics are absent
  • Poor auto-pairing
  • Non-water resistance

GINGO Portable Bluetooth Speaker

GINGO Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Mini Wireless Speakers with Clarity Stereo

The Gingo wireless speaker is another amazing choice. It is one of the cutest speakers with a mini pet kitty design available at this price. This Bluetooth speaker comes with stereo clarity sound. The sound can fill up the room with its powerful sound with super bass.

It comes in different colors of your choice. It can be used as a subwoofer and works as an outdoor speaker ass well. Has a built-in microphone for hands-free uninterrupted calls and voice assistance. The sound clarity is so good. The harmonic distortion is less than 1%.

It has 4.2 Bluetooth technology. Ranging up to 30 ft of distance. It can be played in two different areas. It has left, and right channels support. The tiny kitty shape is made up of sturdy material.

The battery is large. The playback time is up to 6 hours. Long-lasting polymer batteries that are rechargeable. All you need to do is press the button hard when powering on. This single button handles every control. And there you go! Enjoy music to the fullest.

The kitty is designed so well. 3 inches in width and 2 inches in length. Making it light and handy. Enjoy the entertainment with friends and family anytime. Though tiny and delicate, the sound is beyond its size.

With an easy control system, a single power button. On powering on, it connects to a device quickly with no hassle. Enjoy every small to special moment with this Bluetooth speaker. Children-friendly and the design are made such that they would love it.

Super handy, easy to use, and consumes little space. From working time to studying time, use it anytime and enjoy music. It is made so that it is just perfect for a gift. As it can be used by anyone and anywhere.

Special Features;

  • Magnificent stereo sound and mega bass
  • 33 ft seamless Bluetooth connection
  • Bluetooth 4.2 version
  • Light in weight and small in size


  • Amazing sound loudness
  • Super cute
  • Light and handy
  • Fast charging
  • Perfect for kids


  • Battery time is limited
  • No AUX-in or cable connections
  • No water resistant

LENRUE A10 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

LENRUE Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Portable Speaker with Loud Stereo Sound, Rich Bass, 12-Hour Playtime, Built-in Mic. Perfect for iPhone, Samsung and More

The LENRUE wireless speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers for under 20 dollars. At this price, this portable speaker comes with amazing bass. A 20W spatial dual-channel helps in producing 360-degree stereo sound.

The sound clarity is crystal clear. TWS pairing lets the sound fill up the room with its amazing sound. Bluetooth 5.0 allows seamless connections. Consumes less power with A2DP technology. Excellent stability and connections quickly to the wireless devices.

Playback can be inserted between TF and SD cards, U-disks, and AUX-in. The speaker has a micro USB socket for charging. The Bluetooth connections are very stable with anti-inference ability.

The battery has a 1500mAh capacity. It takes 2 hours to get fully charged with a playtime of 12 hours. Its amazing specification and qualities are an elegant gift for your loved ones. Its convenient small size lets you take music along with you everywhere.

The HiFi stereo volume is driven by 10W drivers. The sounds are produced without distortion and are loud. Whether indoors or outdoors, enjoy wonderful music with this amusing speaker. There is a built-in mic present. Enjoy calls and phone handsfree.

The speakers are placed such that the sound occupies the whole room from every side. The buttons are placed at the bottom. Every button is separately made for pause/play/phone. This allows the control to be easy and more user-friendly.

This speaker is very durable and compact. The black design gives a classic look, smooth and supple exterior gives you an outstanding look.

Special Features;

  • Super sound quality with powerful bass and high-performance driver.
  • 1500mAH rechargeable battery
  • TWS wireless pairing
  • Supports Bluetooth, TF cards, SD cards, AUX
  • Crystal clear loud sound
  • Built-in mic


  • Excellent quality speaker
  • Small and handy
  • TF cards and SD cards support
  • lightweight


  • No water resistance
  • Battery life is a bit short

KAYINOW 5W IPX7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker Waterproof

One of the amazing speakers under 20, kayinow speaker is just wow. IPX7 is waterproof and lets you enjoy music during the shower and hot tub bath. Built-in microphone for hands-free calling. The audio is clear and amazing. The stereo comes with rich low bass.

Bluetooth pairing is very easy and quick. It also supports an AUX cable TF card for limitless music enjoyment. Built-up so professionally that it promises deep bass.

Carry with ease with a carabiner. Hand it anywhere and enjoy every moment of life with music. This portable speaker is always ready to go from hiking to traveling, riding, or jogging.

It is exteriorly made with soft ABS and a hard plastic shell. Hence is shockproof that can withstand any drops and impacts.

The playtime is up to 12 hours with 2 hours of charging. Enjoy music the whole night, small party time, and a family get-together. These low-budget Bluetooth speakers are great to go. These are best for camping and friend’s chillouts.

Buttons are placed independently. This makes it the user easy to control the speaker. Its amazing design and size are handy and very easy to use. With no hitch, you can use it anywhere you want.

Special features;

  • Loud stereo sounding system
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Hang it with a carabiner
  • Amazing built up with hard plastic and ABS


  • Shockproof
  • TF cards insertion is available
  • Fast charging
  • Could be hanged anywhere
  • Deep bass


  • Playback time is less
  • The shutdown alert is very loud
  • TF cards can play only mp3 songs

MIFA F10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker, MIFA F10 Portable Speaker with Enhanced 3D Stereo Bass Sound, IP56 Dustproof Waterproof, 10-Hour Playtime, Built-in Mic, Micro SD Card Slot, USB Audio Input

MIFA F10 wireless portable speaker is a light-weighted and small-sized speaker. Drop it in your pocket to hang it in your backpack. Take this astonishing speaker with you wherever you go. Going for a run or jog or swim? Never leave the fun of music time behind.

This mini speaker has top-level DSP 3D stereo sound. The power amplifier is present within the speaker. Vortex modeling design lets the speakers increase their sound capacity. As a result, compared to other speakers, its volume is enhanced to 100%, and futility is raised by 50%.

Clarity and fidelity are assured. The system within the speakers is made so specifically that distortion is entirely suppressed. This will undoubtedly give a listening experience that you have never heard before. Coming to the battery life, it has a 900 mAh rechargeable li-polymer battery. Which offers a playtime of more than 10 hours.

You can insert audio input via AUX-in as well. That makes you connect to your non-Bluetooth devices as well. Enjoy music’s flow limitless. Microphones are built-in within the speakers. While listening, with no interruption, carry on your calls hands-free.

It is IP56 dustproof and waterproof. From showers to adventures, take this speaker everywhere you go. Enjoy parties in the garden to beach sunsets. The speaker will remain protected from any harm or damages.

Special features:

  • Loud and impressive sound
  • IP56 dust and water-resistant
  • Amazing battery life
  • Mini-sized and ultra-portable
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  • Supports USB cable and SD card insertions


  • Shock/dust/waterproof
  • SD card can be inserted
  • Instant pairing
  • Built-in mics
  • Can hang easily


  • Insertion of SD card is difficult
  • No shuffle option on SD card
  • Weak carabiner

These are the top 8 best small Bluetooth speakers for under 20$. And I am sure buying any of it won’t make you regret it. We have selected these speakers by tallying every review and rating. So go on!. Click on the products and get them.

You need to understand specific criteria to find perfect budget Bluetooth speakers. Here are some points you need to know.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Bluetooth Speaker for Under 20$

  • Battery life

Wireless speakers run on battery life. Always check for the duration of the battery. Go for the ones that have greater battery life. Because finding out your battery is dead soon after playing one song does not sound fun. 8 -10 hours of playback seems excellent.

  • Audio quality

Check out the harmonic distortion. The one below 1% is good. The low frequency might be nearby 100Hz. It is a bass-level indicator. Lower the frequency level better the quality.

  • Bluetooth version

2.1 Version is fine. But Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth 5 are amazing.

  • Connections

Not all Wireless speakers connect to another speaker. If you want one that can connect to a second speaker, keep this in mind.

Size, price, water resistance, built-in mics, ratings, and reviews are essential to consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker.

You are good to go now.


A Wireless speaker is a small-sized, wireless, portable speaker. It can be connected via cables and AUX. Some also come with an SD card slot along with Bluetooth connectivity. These speakers mentioned above are the best-picked ones. You can use them anytime and anywhere with you.

The Oontz and Lenrue model speakers have always been an outstanding choice. But speakers like Allway and GINGO are best for selected activities. The budget Bluetooth speakers mentioned above are the best speakers under $20.

Enjoy mind-blowing audio with this small speaker. These are available at a cheap price on amazon with great deals waiting for you. Use these speakers outdoor or within a room, and immerse yourself in the world of music. Those durable speakers have the best connectivity with no hitch.

The fantastic above-mentioned mini Bluetooth speaker is the best, from hours of playtime to audio quality. We have chosen the best ones to play music, and they are perfect for every activity. The speaker features technology, making most of them splashproof. Connect your phone, power up music, and enhance the listening experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Bluetooth speaker is best under budget?

The Bluetooth mentioned above speakers are the best. Oontz angle solo, a2 lenrue, and EWA 106 have the best Bluetooth range and battery power. Speakers alike ALLWAY and EWA are strong and durable.

Is a Bluetooth speaker loud enough?

Yes. They can fill up a whole room with their volume. They all have deep bass and stereo audacity.

Is a microphone present in the Bluetooth speakers?

Some speakers have built-in mics in them. You can enjoy hands-free calls and meetings uninterrupted.

Is the Bluetooth speaker good?

Bluetooth speakers are the best. They come in small compatible sizes with the specifications of the large and giant speakers.

Are Bluetooth speakers waterproof/splashproof?

Yes. Most the Bluetooth speakers are water-resistant. They can be used at pools, during showers, and on any aqua adventures with your friends and family.

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