When it comes to 12-inch subwoofers, extra power is always needed, right? Not necessarily.

A 12-inch subwoofer is more than just a small sub with a woofer. It’s a subwoofer that will fill the whole listening space, whether you have room for it or not. They are perfect for adding bass to your music and they can bring out the beats and rhythms in your sound.

HOW MUCH POWER DOES A 12-INCH SUBWOOFER NEED. Without sufficient power, your 12-inch subwoofer won’t be able to produce the sound that you are looking for.


Subwoofer watts

It can be tough to determine the power requirement for a subwoofer, especially if you are not familiar with all the technical dos and don’ts.

But don’t worry; we’re here to help you tackle everything you need to know about how much power your 12-inch subwoofer needs. In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about the power and frequency needed by your 12-inch subwoofer.

So, how much power does your 12-inch subwoofer needs? Let’s find out!

Are you curious about the required power for your 12-inch subwoofer? Yeah I know you are!!!

It’s not as simple as simply looking at the wattage grade on the back of the sub. You need to analyze the sensitivity of the speaker, the electric resistance of your amplifier, and the size of your room.

Just keep in mind that you might need a little more or less power than what we recommend, depending on the specs of your specific subwoofer and amplifier.

A 12-inch subwoofer works best with an amplifier with a power output of between 100 and 200 watts. However, if you want to push the envelope, you might choose an amplifier with a greater output. Just make sure that your subwoofer can handle such power. It is best to choose an amplifier with twice the power rating of your subwoofer i.e. if you have a 100-watt subwoofer, you’ll need around 200 watts of power to make it sing.

It’s also essential to consider the RMS rating of your subwoofer. This is the steady power handling ability of the speaker, and it’s usually measured in watts. The RMS rating should be higher than the power product of your amplifier, so you don’t overload your speaker.

Amount of watts required to run a subwoofer

It is based on the make and type of the subwoofer and it also depends on the type of amplifier you’re using. But generally speaking, you’ll need at least 100 watts to really make that subwoofer sing.

One major mistake is using the amplifier that comes with your car. This might work in some cases but can’t guarantee that good sound needed. The RMS power of your amplifier should be matched with the RMS power rating of your subwoofer as another method of powering it.

So you’re in the market to get a new set of subwoofers but don’t know which one to go for.

Although, you’ve heard about the 12-inch size subwoofer being a sub that produces good size but still confused about how much power you need to give them. Keep reading, we are here to help your curiosity.

You must first determine how much power your amplifier is capable of producing. The fact that the majority of amplifiers are rated in watts is essential to understand. Then, since you’ll be running two woofers, you need to multiply that number by two. Therefore, if your amp produces 500 watts of power, you will want a 1000-watt amp to power your subwoofers.

Although, majority of people run their dual 12-inch woofers off a single amplifier, As much as this method works, it is always not a good idea. It is best to run your usual 12-inch subs on separate amplifiers to get the best sound quality.

You must be aware of the frequency and the required power for each sub to accomplish this. You can figure out how many watts you need to power each subwoofer if you know the frequency and how much power they use.

Always ensure you check the make and model of your woofer with the RMS rating before getting an amplifier for it. No amplifier subwoofer, no subwoofer.

Maximum wattage for a 12-inch subwoofer

After getting your woofers and amplifier that suits it, the next thing you should know is its watt elastic limit. After knowing HOW MUCH POWER DOES A 12-INCH SUBWOOFER NEED, you also need to know the maximum wattage for your 12-inch subwoofer to avoid electrical damage.

Simply told, you only require a minimum of 100 watts. However, you’ll need something with a little bit more power if you want to rock your car’s audio system.

A subwoofer’s capacity for handling power varies depending on its design. Some subwoofers come equipped with an amplifier that allows them to produce the most power possible. These subwoofers are called “pre-amped” subwoofers. Subwoofers that are “amped,” on the other hand, need an extra amplifier. Checking the maximum wattage your amplifier can handle is all that is required. Your receiver’s built-in amplification may not be able to drive your subwoofer’s maximum watts if you have one. You may need to add an amplifier in this situation. Remember that the majority of subwoofers have a continuous power rating of between 40 and 160 watts. Therefore, if you have one that is rated for more than 100 watts, it is likely overkill for the majority.

Best frequency for a 12-inch subwoofer

HOW MUCH POWER DOES A 12-INCH SUBWOOFER NEED is likely something on your mind.

When deciding which subwoofer frequency is optimal for a certain space, there is no universal rule that applies to all situations. Finding a frequency that generates the maximum bass without endangering your hearing is therefore necessary. The best way to determine which bass offers you the most impact without hurting your ears is to experiment with various bass frequencies on a high-quality subwoofer. You must first decide what frequency range your subwoofer will support.

A good place to start is with the lowest frequency your main speakers can reproduce. That gives you an idea of the lowest frequency your system can handle. Once you have that number, multiply it by 3 and that will give you a general idea of the power your subwoofer will need. So if your main speakers can handle frequencies down to 40 Hz, then you’ll need a subwoofer that can handle frequencies up to 120 Hz.

Based on the particular model of subwoofer you select, you may require more or less power.


The best subwoofer for your setup doesn’t exist. You can find a sub that’s powerful enough for a small room or that doesn’t produce enough bass for your liking. Even a sub with all the features you want is out there. But, what you choose matters because each sub is built for a specific purpose. You should pick the sub with the power and frequency range that’s best for your system. Once you know HOW MUCH POWER DOES A 12-INCH SUBWOOFER NEED, it’s easier to find the right sub for your setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many watts is a good subwoofer?

The wattage of a subwoofer depends on its make and model. Additionally, it is determined by the subwoofer’s specifications. A good subwoofer starts from the minimum of 100 watts and above. It all depends on the amplifier.

How many watts does a subwoofer use?

To duplicate the sound they are obtaining, a good subwoofer uses about 150 to 1000 watts.
But if you want something elegant and portable, you should hold on to speakers that require 20 watts and there about

Does subwoofer drain the car’s battery?

The electrical system of your car may end up being overworked by some subwoofers. Your car battery can be under stress as a result. Your battery will drain more quickly when your subwoofers are turned on when the car’s engine is off. Consequently, only when the engine is active do car batteries receive a charge.

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