how to clean a subwoofer

If you want your subwoofer to look like new, produce quality sound, and extend longer, learn how to clean it. Even if you don’t have any background knowledge about electronics, it is easy to learn how to clean a subwoofer.

I guess you invested some money to get that subwoofer, and it will be money lost if, after a few years, the subwoofer is torn because you never took the tile to learn how to clean the subwoofer.

Even though there is an electronic store where you can take your subwoofer to be cleaned, why not learn how to clean it and save that money?

How do I make my subwoofer sound clean?

If you are wondering How to clean a subwoofer sound clean, below is a step-by-step guide best ways to clean a subwoofer.

Switch off the subwoofer and unplug it from the power source

Before cleaning the subwoofer, you should switch it off and unplug it from the power source. You should check if there are red and black wires at the back of the subwoofer, and they will lead you to the levers where they are connected to the subwoofer. All you have to do is press down the leavers to pull out the wires.

Clean subwoofer grills

subwoofer grills

Now you can start to clean the subwoofer removing the grill from the front of the speaker. To remove it carefully, pull it off using a thin, flat instrument, then place it on a flat surface so you can clean it later.

There is a possibility that screws will attach some grills; if this is the case, you will need to use a screwdriver to remove the screws.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean loose dust or debris from the speaker

If you have a vacuum cleaner, you should use it to clean the subwoofer speaker. All you have to do is press the trigger to blow dust and dirt out of the cracks and off the front.

It’s important not to hold the can upside down or sideways because chemicals could squirt out and get into your speaker.

You can also use a soft brush to eliminate loose dust and dirt if you don’t have canned air.

You can use a makeup brush or a paintbrush with soft bristles to clean the dust off the speaker cone and other exposed parts. The pine cones are so fragile; hence, you must be careful when brushing them.

Sprinkle some water on a microfiber cloth

Sprinkle some water on a microfiber cloth and wring it out. Keep immersing a microfiber cloth in clean water until it is completely saturated.

You should squeeze as much water out of it as possible until no more liquid is left.

 If the fabric drips, then it has absorbed too much water. You must squeeze out any excess water until the item is slightly wet.

Ensure you use clean microfiber; otherwise, you will add more dirt to the subwoofer.

Use the slightly damp microfiber cloth to clean the speaker and cone

Use a damp cloth to wipe down the speaker’s cone and exposed parts to eliminate any dust particles or dirt that might still be there in a circular motion. You should clean both the inside and outside of the speaker box.

When cleaning speaker cones, you must be careful and apply the right amount of pressure to wipe away dust and grime. If you don’t, you could end up distorting the cone.

After that, use a dry microfiber cloth to soak up any moisture that might still be there. Use just the right amount of pressure to get rid of all the water around the subwoofer exterior.

How do you clean the rubber surrounding subwoofer?

In most subwoofers, the surrounding is made of rubber which is a good thing. The rubber surround is resilient and flexible; hence the subwoofer will last longer.

When cleaning the subwoofer, you should not leave out the rubber surround. Below are steps to follow and learn the best ways to clean the rubber surrounding the subwoofer.

  • Wipe the surrounding area with a dry and gentle cloth.
  • Ensure the surface is spotless by wiping it down with cleaning benzine.
  • Remove any excess with the cotton glove and set it aside.
  • Now let dry fully

What to not do while cleaning a subwoofer

There are certain things you have to void when cleaning a subwoofer, and here they are;

  • Never use hard soap or detergent while cleaning a subwoofer because they cause damage to the subwoofer. Instead, you should use only water-based cleaners.
  • You shouldn’t scrub too hard on your sub-cones because they are fragile and can be torn apart easily when they are hit with a lot of force.
  • Be very careful not to rip the cone of your subwoofer because that would ruin how well it works.
  • Do not play around with screws and other connecting parts.
  • Don’t sprinkle water on the subwoofer because water will damage the metal and electric parts of your subwoofer.
  • Do not clean the speaker cones vigorously.

Dos and Don’ts when you clean your subwoofer


  • When you’re done cleaning, everything needs to be together like before you took it apart.
  • Ensure the screws are tight; otherwise, the speaker will fall off
  • Ensure you have wiped the subwoofer box
  • Ensure you have connected the power source wires
  • Gently put the back speaker into the subwoofer box


  • Do not forget to put all screws back
  • Don’t forget to put the power source wires back
  • Don’t use force when putting the back speaker in the subwoofer box


Learning how to clean a subwoofer, as you can see, is easy. It is important to remember that even minor damage to your woofer can have a long-term impact on its performance.

When you are cleaning your subwoofers, you need to exercise extreme caution. To the best of my knowledge, the best way to get rid of dust is to use a dry cloth as often as possible.

You should also not use detergent or alcoholic solvents because they will damage your subwoofer speaker. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does dust affect the subwoofer?

Yes, the dust that accumulates between the metallic base, metal, and plastic components breaks the speaker and the cones.

Should you use a wet cloth to clean a subwoofer?

Yes, you can use a wet cloth to clean a subwoofer, but you should ensure no water drains off the wet cloth. You have to be careful not to get water on the electrical parts. A damp cloth is the best way to remove the dust accumulated on the subwoofer.
If you follow the steps above, your subwoofer should work like it did when you bought it. If it’s still dirty, buy a water-based cleaning spray that won’t damage the subwoofer speaker.

How do you get the dust out of speaker cones?

You can get the dust out of speaker cones by tightening the cones again with a screwdriver. Make sure not to break the subwoofer box or cut any cables.
Again, gently wipe the inside with the microfiber towel to clean the cones and cap of the subwoofer.

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