How To Connect Lg Subwoofer To Soundbar Without Remote

You have brought an Lg subwoofer and want to add a soundbar to it for a better result? The combination Lg subwoofer and soundbar are the best for your home theater. Both will take the sound system of your theater to the next level and will deliver great sound. However, many people had issues connecting the Lg subwoofer to the soundbar. 

Connecting the Lg subwoofer to the soundbar is not difficult until you face some fundamental and technical issues while connecting the gadgets. Connecting the wireless devices is tricky; it will take some time and effort.

People often want to connect an additional soundbar to a subwoofer for better sound quality, but they do not know how to connect an Lg subwoofer to a soundbar without the remote. Now it is time to solve the problem of many people. 

This article will discuss everything about connecting the Lg subwoofer to the soundbar; if you are interested in finding out How To Connect Lg Subwoofer To Soundbar Without Remote?, keep reading. At the end of the article, I hope your questions regarding the subwoofer and the soundbar connection will be cleared.

Is it possible to add a soundbar to the subwoofer?

Mostly the soundbar is sold with a subwoofer; in very rear cases, the soundbar is sold themselves. But if you have brought a soundbar without the subwoofer, you must wonder if adding a soundbar to the subwoofer is possible.

 It is generally possible to connect the soundbar and subwoofer only if they are naturally designed to connect. Connecting the subwoofer to the soundbar is very easy until both are natively capable of connecting one another or relating to the same company.

You can add a standalone subwoofer to your soundbar, but it will be tricky. There are various ways of connecting a standalone subwoofer to the soundbar, so you can try them if you trust your skills. However, the best thing is to add the soundbar to the subwoofer, which is natively designed for each other. 

Why would you want an additional Lg subwoofer to the soundbar?

lg soundbar

You might be wondering why people want an additional subwoofer to a soundbar. If you want to experience the full sound of the soundbar, you must add the Lg subwoofer to it.

There are various types of soundbar; some have a built-in subwoofer, some have an external speaker, and some do not have any external or built-in subwoofer.

For this type of speaker, we use an additional Lg subwoofer. However, a basic soundbar without any subwoofer can produce good sound, but if you want something to the next level, you should add a subwoofer to the soundbar.

Importance of the subwoofer: 

There is a big difference in the sound quality of the soundbar with and without a subwoofer. The purpose of the subwoofer is to produce low-pitched audio frequencies. The subwoofer plays a vital role in your home theaters by properly producing the low-pitched audio frequencies.

The combination of the soundbar and subwoofer produces a high-quality sound that the combo of other speakers cannot do. In short, to attend more robust sound from the soundbar, a subwoofer is an important asset.

The soundbar with the external speaker also delivers good sound, but only if they are placed in the right place, like in the front room; the soundbar provides front-heavy sound. However, the soundbar with the external subwoofer delivers quality sound at any location.

If you want to experience the best and full audio of the soundbar, you should add a subwoofer extension. 

How to Connect Lg subwoofer to soundbar without remote?

how to Connect Lg Subwoofer To Soundbar Without Remote

Connecting the Lg subwoofer to the soundbar without a remote is an easy task, but it will be tricky for a person doing it the first time. This process requires some efficiency because if a specific condition is not achieved, the devices will not connect.

You have to follow some easy steps for connecting Lg subwoofer to the soundbar. Once the devices are connected, they will automatically connect as soon as you turn on the subwoofer. Let’s discuss the step to connect the Lg subwoofer to the soundbar.

1. Firstly, give power to the soundbar by plugging one end of the power cord into the correct location.

2. Also, give power to the subwoofer by plugging one end of the power cord in the correct location.

3. Switch on Power. Both devices by pressing the power button. 

4. Once both devices are powered on, there will be a LED light blinking on the subwoofer ( the blinking light shows that the subwoofer is ready to connect)

5. Now, wait for several minutes until the blinking light turns into the solid green that shows the connected devices. 

6. The subwoofer will take several minutes to search the soundbar, which will connect easily after some time.

What if you are having issues while connecting?

In some cases, the devices do not connect after several minutes. There are things that you should check if the subwoofer is not connecting after some time. Before retrying to connect your devices, you should investigate the following things:

1. The distance between the devices matters a lot. Try to keep the devices as near as possible. If the subwoofer and soundbar are placed near, they can connect easily, and the sound quality will also improve. 

2. Avoid placing anything between the devices. Any obstruction will drop the signal, and the devices will not connect. 

3. Another thing that will affect the connection between devices is the soundbar’s volume. Always keep the soundbar’s volume low when connecting the soundbar with a subwoofer without the remote. 

4. In case of a power problem in the devices, it might be possible to unplug them and leave them unplugged for five minutes. Plugging and unplugging devices help in a lot of cases. 

5. Turn off the devices of the same frequency near the subwoofer like microwaves or medical devices. Too many connections also cause issues in adding the subwoofer.   

How do you manually connect a subwoofer to a soundbar?

There are some steps to connect the subwoofer to the soundbar.

1. Firstly, turn down the soundbar’s volume until the backside of the soundbar turns red. Wait for 2 seconds.

2. The light, after 2 seconds, will start flashing; now grab your remote and press and hold the mute button; hold until the light starts flashing quickly. 

3. There will be a significant change between the flash speed before pressing the mute button and after pressing the mute button. Now press the pairing button at the backside of the subwoofer using a small tool for 5 seconds.

4. Now unplug both devices and leave for a good period. Make sure that the devices are entirely unplugged. 

5. Now plug the subwoofer and soundbar back. Hopefully, the devices will connect automatically without any delay. You can test the sound by playing something on your TV. 


The soundbar and subwoofer give the best sound quality. If you want to experience the best audio, you should try this. However, connecting them both may take some time and effort, but you will experience the best sound once connecting is done.

Sometimes the devices connect easily but sometimes do not connect. You have to stay patient and perform the process. If these steps do not connect the subwoofer and soundbar, you should contact an expert.

We have briefly discussed the subwoofer and soundbar, how to connect the devices, what is important to both and how to control them. Hopefully, this writing will help you to connect the devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you connect a soundbar without a remote?

Connecting the soundbar is very easy. You have to make sure that the devices are powered on. Turn on the devices by the power button on the top. Once the devices are on, they will connect after several minutes.

Can you connect any wireless subwoofer to my TV?

Follow some steps if you want to connect the wireless subwoofer to a TV.
1.  Connect the end of the audio cable to the wireless transceiver jack of your TV.
2.  Now connect the wireless transceiver to the USB port of your TV or LED.
3.  Your subwoofer is connected to your TV.

How do I control my soundbar with my phone?

To control the soundbar with your phone, you have to download a specific app on your device. Each company has its app to control devices manufactured by them. If you want to control a soundbar, you have to download the app from the play store. The apps are also available for IOS users on the apple store.

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