How Many Watts Do You Need For A Car Stereo

Most factories chose the standard power rating of their company’s stereos. So, if your car stereo is not well, you are looking for a second-hand stereo to meet your needs. That is a better option, but now the question arises how many watts do you need for a car stereo?

Or another condition can be you want to increase the power rating of your car stereos. The common consensus in the field is that one can get the required power rating by going to the market for another stereo.

But there is a difference between peak and RMS wattage, which probably provide power to the stereo. This article will provide extensive information about the watts you need for a car stereo. This question is probably based on another question how much sound are you looking for?

What is a car stereo?

car stereo

A car stereo is an audio equipment installed in the car and other vehicles to provide music entertainment to the settlers. It is a complete audio system installed in the car’s inner system, including the head system and the speakers. The stereos have a standard power rating which helps to reduce outer noise and provide you with in-car entertainment without outer noise and distractions.

While focusing on its working procedure, you can get better equipment to increase its sound quality. Speakers in the system receive an amplified electrical signal and convert it into mechanical energy that helps to produce sound.

Whenever car buyer goes into the market, they look for an audio system in the car, knobs, head unit, and other outer parts, but it is difficult for most to look into the audio system and find standard power. But the ultimate need of every owner is to get satisfactory audio results.

Almost all companies have a standard power rate for car stereos ranging from 200 watts. So the watts depend on the sound quality you want.

Steps to upgrade your car’s stereo:

How Many Watts Do You Need For A Car Stereo

So if you also want to increase your audio experience and make it a little better than the previous one. We have certain points for you that can help you to upgrade your car stereo’s power:

  • Get an upgrade factory system
  • Aftermarket speakers
  • Get a receiver from the market

1. Get a receiver from the market

Upgrading the car’s audio system is always the next step for a car owner. Upgrading it with a strong head unit and speakers cannot make it profound from earlier. For better results, get a receiver from the market and install the car audio system.

 It will not modify the look of your system at all, but it is just an amplifier which provides clean power to the stereo, which can help you get your required results.

In most cases, the amplifier installed in the head unit can powerfully control the road noise, so an external amplifier is the best option if you want a better audio system.

If you want more sound quality after adding a receiver, you can add an aftermarket amplifier which is sure a better way to enhance the sound quality. Or add an external amplifier to your AV receiver to add more power to your receiver.

2. Get an upgrade factory system:

If you want to upgrade the audio system quality that a car stereo produces, the best alternative is to get an upgrade factory system. Its installation process does not change your car’s outlook but has some upgrading accessories that can boost the voice quality and are specifically designed for your car.

Some amps are very small in the market, but they enhance the sound quality more than a compact 4-channel amplifier can do to your sound system. Such amplifiers have distinct features to work well with high-level signals.

3. Get aftermarket speakers:

Another best alternative to enhance the sound quality is to go for aftermarket speakers. They can provide higher power than any other. They can handle more wattage power than the car’s audio system receiver.

Aftermarket speakers range from 5-60 in their RMS wattage, so make sure to buy it according to your demands. The higher wattage number shows that the speaker can play at its number well and can provide clarity and loudness in the sound.

4. Boost the sound on your own:

Usually, a car’s audio systems do not have extra power to produce the booming sound that many want. How much do you want to increase the sound? The car’s stereo is not supposed to produce excessive wattage to sound booming.

But there is a way to increase the wattage power to increase the audio system’s quality. More power means that your system can provide headroom impactful sound bursts. To provide power to the system, ensure that the speaker’s standard power rating matches the provided amplitude.


How Many Watts Do You Need For A Car Stereo? It depends on how much sound you need. So you can upgrade your system’s sound quality by following above mentioned easy steps. We hope it may help you. Hopefully, this reading will have helped you. Enjoy your music!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many watts is a good radio?

Well, this question might confuse many because it may lead to misunderstanding. But according to a radio builder, this question concerns radio receivers. According to him, no power is required for good radio. By its working procedure, you may know why it does not require any power.

The radio has a simple receiver, and an antenna is plugged into it. The receiver is powered by the energy generated from the electromagnetic waves caught by its antenna. So there is no amps power required for the radio to work while a strong signal can be required.

How many watts do I need for a good sound system?

The answer to this question is that no fixed amount may be good for your sound system because the sound system’s loudness depends on your choices, and the power ratings would differ after that.

For example, if you like a loud system, 200w is enough. But if you prefer light, smooth and classical sound, you may go for 50w, which could be enough to produce the power you are looking into.

Is the 100w speaker loud?

The answer to this question also deals with your interest. How anybody could know how much acts as loud sound for you. If you are a loud and crazy music lover who likes to listen to music at a booming pace, 100 w would not be considered loud for you.

But this power is enough to create a loud sound if you are a jazzy and classical kind. But in general, 100w does not produce a loud sound; it may feel like a slow, silent piece of music at a 100w pace. So, in short, the answer depends on your interests.

Does higher watt mean louder?

The answer is yes. The higher power ratings will indeed produce clear and loud sounds than the low power ratings. But keep in mind minor differences in the power change cannot produce exclusive results. A more power gap is required to get satisfactory results!

For example, there would be a slight difference in the sound quality at 50w and 60w. Rather 100w rating can give you extra results than a 60w. So if you want to upgrade your system’s sound quality, increase its power ratings.

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