How to Make Car Speakers Louder Without AMP

Anybody who asks the question of what I should do to make my car speaker louder, the answer is to go and get the amplifiers. But no one will tell you that good-quality amplifiers come up with expensive price tags, which most people might not find affordable. Then you ask how to make car speakers louder without amp.

During driving, listening to music is the main thing most people do because they want to make their journey more memorable.

Moreover, music helps you enjoy yourself without being bored by watching the empty roads of how you are going. Some people like loud music, which can usually be obtained by installing amplifiers.

It is evident that not every car comes up with a high-quality music system built inside it. In those cases, you search for different things to increase the sound quality of your car’s speakers. Top of the list is amplifiers, but there are many alternatives for those who can’t afford to install amplifiers in their cars.

So without wasting further energy and precious time, let’s move towards the best alternatives to use instead of amplifiers! Here we have offered a complete guide for your help that will help you understand how you can make car speakers louder without an amp.

Using subwoofers:

How to Make Car Speakers Louder Without AMP

This is the best solution if you want to invest more in miniature in-car speakers. It is an effective way to enhance the loudness of your car’s speakers.

The subwoofer is regarded as a cheaper option as compared to amplifiers. Moreover, it will work amazingly by boosting the sound quality of car speakers in less price.

If you want a loud music speaker for your car, you should place it in the part of your car where the subwoofer will not face any vibrations. You should make it safe from any distortion if you want to get great results from it. Those disturbances will affect the quality of sound of car speakers.

To get proper and good quality sound, avoid placing your subwoofer in any corner of your car. It is recommended to place your subwoofer in the trunk of the car so that you can get increased bass production. The second thing to remember is to fine-tune the new subwoofer in sequence with the rest of the car’s system.

Go for subwoofers if you want good audio quality without investing a lot of money.

Using sound dampening materials:

sound dampening materials

People mostly complain that their car speakers emit low sound compared to other cars. The primary reason behind this is that the road noises and vibrations arise inside the car during driving because many things hit your car.

Fortunately, you can make it work properly again without making any effort for this purpose; place sound dampening, known as deadening materials, inside your car panels.

 These materials help reduce road noises and vibrations and provide you with the car audio system without any vibration. These materials effectively work in lessening the noise levels and enhancing the accuracy of your sound.

Mainly this problem causes when your car has door speakers because they are the primary victim of road noises and vibrations, which lessens the sound clarity.

The door speakers have thin materials that are very likely to be affected by vibrations. When you attach dampening materials to your car panels, it will provide a stable environment for the music system.

Replacing of cables:

replace the cables

One of the most common causes that your car speakers provide low sound quality is that you are using old cables to connect the head unit.

If you use cheap cables for that purpose, it will surely give you low sound clarity after some time. That’s why it is preferred to buy good quality cables.

The undersized cables affect the current’s free flow from the unit to the speakers. Because of this, they don’t get enough power from the supply to give their maximum potential in the form of sound, and you get low-quality audio whenever you play music within these cables.

Remember that cables give up their effectiveness with time. After some time, you should change them with other good-quality cables to get high-quality sound.

Ensure that you check whether your cables are providing them the exact amount of power or not. Try to get the cables replaced by professionals.

You will be surprised after changing your cables and seeing a huge difference for sure!

Replacing of speakers:

car speakers

According to the professionals, the car speakers are the single component that gets the minor attraction from the manufacturing, and that’s why even the most expensive cars are installed with average-quality sound systems. So if your car speakers are not working well, it might be it hasn’t premium features of the sound system.

Replacing your speakers with new ones is one of the best alternatives to amplifiers because old speakers also affect the sound quality automatically.

You can quickly get the best quality speakers from the market according to your budget range. Choose one and replace them with the help of professionals and see a significant difference.

For that purpose, you should go for a car speaker that comes up with high bass production to listen to your favorite music loudly and enjoy it easily.

Once you have installed new car speakers, you will notice that even the slightest detail of the music track is now audio-able. If you find it feasible for you, then go for this solution.

Use good quality audio files:

Use good quality audio files

You might not have noticed this, but sometimes your music tracks or files are out of good quality, making you feel like your car speakers are not working well.

If you are listening to compressed music files, it will surely decrease the sound quality of your car speakers—the compressed files lose high and low-frequency information.

If the track files are too compressed, the extra sound details have lost, which can’t be appropriately played on the car’s speakers. In the end, it will make your audio disinteresting. No matter what you are using, such as iPod, smartphone, and mp3 player, it is advised to use less compressed files.

Remember that if your soundtracks have a high bit rate, they will come up with great sound on the speakers, and you can enjoy it properly. To listen to live streaming music, try to play those tracks that enable you to get your preferred audio quality. Or you can use tracks that have a high resolution because that sound will also be great.

Control tune properly:

Control tune properly

A mistake you are making enables your car speakers to work less than in other situations. The car owners mainly maximize all the tone controls of the car’s audio system. The car owners believe that if they max all the tone controls, they will get loud and clear sound on the speakers.

This technique might work sometimes, but the sound will be distorted whenever you enter the highway. The tremendous low-frequency boost ends up because you are simultaneously putting so much strain on the audio system. To avoid this technique and try to tune the control correctly and adequately in the proper manner.

For example, if you want to gain deeper bass from your sound system, use the more minor bass boosts and lower the Highs and Mids. In the end, if you want, then turn up the overall sound level a bit more. Even if you have new speakers or replaced the factory unit, avoid that technique I told you about above.

Fine-tune crossover controls:

Fine tune crossover controls

This method applies to those cars that come up with in-dash receivers that have frequency filters. These filters work with speaker output and preamp so that you can enhance the sound that comes out from the car’s speakers. People said that they had already sub-hooked the sound system.
In that case, placing the high-pass filters will help lessen low bass from full-range speakers.

In that way, you will get the clean bass you have been trying to achieve for a long time. If the bass sound comes from the back, try to lower and raise the crossover point even on the low pass filters.

It will give you clean bass and strong volume sound for sure!

Using Tweeters:


One of the best solutions for getting loud music from speakers without amplifiers is to use tweeters.

The tweeters are generally designed to create medium to high sound frequency output within the great bass level. This thing is quite famous for getting high-quality sound with increased bass.

Moreover, if you use tweeters, you will get sound with practical and disturbance-free effects of bass. If you add up tweeter and subwoofer, you will notice a change in sound delivery from unit to speaker.

The tweeter optimizes the sound output to a great extent. Additionally, it depends on the type of tweeter you use in your car.

Engine dampening:

The engine is an essential component in a car infrastructure that makes a thumping sound whenever you drive your car on the road. That’s why it affects the audio quality and the car’s speaker’s volume. Do not need to burden; there is a solution to getting rid of this problem.

Dampen the car’s engine to eliminate vibrations and stuff like that. If you have the ability to do this, you will be able to control the performance of your sound system. It is a suitable option to get high-quality sound for sure.


No one can deny the effectiveness and quality of sound you will get by installing amplifiers in your car. But installing amplifiers in a car costs an arm and a leg. That’s why most people don’t want to invest a lot of money in installing amplifiers, and some have a strict budget.

So in those cases, we have explained several ways or alternatives of amplifiers that can be used without spending a lot of money. These ways will help you enhance your sound quality and get high-quality bass.

Those affordable options will help you get loud car speakers with top-notch quality audio and even clean bass for sure. By reading the entire article, you will know that even the slightest changes have great and noticeable results.

Best of luck!

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