How to Turn on Magnavox Soundbar Without Remote

Music has become an important part of our lives. We love to enjoy good sound, whether at home or traveling with loved ones. Magnavox soundbar lets us enjoy the excellent sound quality. But, many of us lose the remove pretty easily. And, your presence here shows that you have also lost your Magnavox soundbar remote! Don’t worry we will tell you How to Turn on Magnavox Soundbar Without Remote?

Remote is the object to control the system well, but if you lose it, this could be the only reason to turn it on differently, and you must be looking for some way to hook it up. You lost it and did not find the new in the market, no need to worry we have some other ways to solve your problem. Let us get started then!

Is There Any Possibility Of Turning On The Magnavox Soundbar Without A Remote?

how to turn on magnavox soundbar without remote

You must be curious and thriving to explore how to make your soundbar run. So yes, it is possible. Here are some ways to get your way;

1. The auto power link

While using the auto power link, you can start your Magnavox soundbar whenever you turn on your TV; you do not need to look for the remote soundbar. The method of auto-power link is very simple. First, connect the soundbar with your Magnavox TV by an optical cable, and then set the soundbar to the D.IN model.

After its connection, press the left direction on the direction pad until the auto power link appears. Congrats! You have safely transformed the Magnavox soundbar into an auto connection.

2. The anynet+ and ARC

Another way is using anynet+ and ARC, connecting the HDMI cable to the soundbar and TV’s HDMI. Then set the soundbar to the D.NI model, and then it will transform into TV ARC. If it is done carefully, the next step is to press the remote’s right direction pad until Anynet appears.

If you are not ready to use any above ways and still looking for another alternative to run your soundbar without a remote, use a high-tech wireless connection to your soundbar or 3.5 mm aux or RCA cables. You can also use coaxial cables for another kind of connection.

How do I turn on my soundbar without the remote?

It could also be when you have a soundbar but do not hook it with Magnavox. So this article would help if you had lost its remote that is why you landed here. Well, yes, you can turn it on without a remote. But the method could be slightly different for different models like Samsung soundbar and Sony soundbar. Let us check the way to turn it on;

  • Using the auto power link makes it possible to run your soundbar without a remote. And the procedure is simple, like the Magnavox soundbar.
  • And the other way is using high tech without any wire or mid-tech with 3.5 mm aux or RCA cables.

How do you hook up a Magnavox soundbar?

  • Do you want to connect your soundbar with Magnavox TV and look for a way? Well, here’s the procedure;
  • Take the coaxial cable. Connect one end to the soundbar and another to Magnavox TV.
  • And then attach the connectors to one end of the cable and connect it to color-coded ports on the TV. You can find the color-coded marked as audio out.
  • Your system is safely connected to the Magnavox TV.

Why does my Magnavox TV have no sound?

You have a Magnavox TV, and suddenly it lost the audio? There could be many reasons if the audio is not working or the sound is faulty. Could you have a look over them?

1. One reason might be nonfunctioning of the power button. Hold the cable box, unplug it, press the power button, and restart the TV. Hopefully, it will work. Another could be the mute button, go to setting, and check out if it is on.

2. Speakers are burnt, or audio amplifier failure; these are the most common reasons, so try checking before going.

How do I turn on the Magnavox TV without a remote?

There are several ways to program the Magnavox TV without a remote. You can choose any or operate them to check if it works.

1. Press the power button of the TV; locate the panel on your TV. It is in front of the TV and then presses the menu button.

2. From the menu, select the arrow buttons and then auto program. Select start now and then the vol+ arrow button by following the ok button.

3. Select ‘cable,’ ‘next,’ and then ‘start.’ Wait until auto programming is finished.

4. Select the ch+/- button to shift the channels and vol+ for volume range.


Suppose you have lost the Magnavox soundbar remote; no need to get tensed. Many ways are listed above to turn on the Magnavox soundbar without remote and other queries. You can check them out regarding your problem. Hopefully, our information about How to Turn on Magnavox Soundbar Without Remote will help to get your way.

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