Tweeter Vs Super Tweeter

The demand for audio systems is increasing day by day. And the reason could be the sound articulators as tweeters. Finding a unique sound system has always been the top priority of audio system managers.

Many people wonder to get the best sound articulator for sound systems, while some believe that there is no quality difference in super tweeter and tweeter’s functioning. They argue the statement by saying super tweeter only differs from the prefix ‘super’ from the regular tweeters. However, many are unaware of the behind-back functioning of the super tweeter and its pros.

You might wonder about getting the best for your audio system; you will find out the alternative to the tweeter and its exceptional functioning in the audio systems.

Why Are Tweeters Used for?


Tweeters are used to create important effects in music and audio systems. It would not be wrong to say tweeters are the items to make the music more loveable. The tweeters create the higher frequency sounds in music that we feel. Singers and speakers cannot create the range of sound that tweeters are capable of.

Tweeters have the most important and prominent function of proper staging and treble. Treble is the highest frequency range that tweeters can produce while receiving an electrical sound signal, having the ability to create special musical effects.

It is the reason for its demand in the audio staging field. Now the question is, are they important in the sound system? So, it depends on your choice and the speaker’s ability to produce the sound.

If you want to hear and feel a full-range voice, you should choose tweeters. Or in contrast to it, you can choose the other option. You can also choose the one related to your demands, as Tweeters are classified based on their treble or frequency range. They are classified basically into two items.

  • Regular tweeters
  • Super tweeters

The article will get you to choose the best tweeter based on the facts and figures mentioned below. Which alternative could be best for you? Finding the facts about tweeter vs super tweeter can help you decide while choosing the alternative. So let’s find out the difference;

What are the super tweeters?

super tweeter

As the super tweeters themselves show that they are designed with the feature to create higher frequency sound. They can produce the higher uppermost sound of 20 kHz. They are used to produce sound that cannot be created by two way or 3-way speaker. Super tweeters are dominant over regular tweeters by producing the 20 kHz frequency range sounds. There are also important features of super tweeters which distinguish them from tweeters. Find them below!

1. The loudness of super tweeters

Super tweeters are mainly designed to produce higher frequency sounds and other instrumental sounds like a guitar or piano. They have loud features, and this feature distinguishes them from general tweeters. That is why they are used in crowded places instead of speakers. Thanks to technology, super tweeters are the best articulators than speakers.

2. Design of super tweeters

Super tweeters are not like coils or motors. They are big, and their shape is like a diaphragm, the piezoelectric diaphragm.

3. Size of super tweeters

Unlike regular tweeters, Super tweeters are not small in size because they are not shaped like a motor or coil. They are big and bulky due to the heavy diaphragm used in the system rather than the small weight diaphragm in regular tweeters. Their bulky size might be that they are used for proper staging purposes.

4. Crossover frequency for super tweeters

Crossovers are the electronic filters that split the sound signal into multiple frequency ranges to send the signals to alternatives held to change the frequency ranges. All the tweeters and loudspeakers drivers use these crossovers to shift the signal. But they may vary in frequency, as super tweeters may range on 10k or more frequency than regular tweeters.

5. No distortion at higher frequency

The quality of a sound system depends on the level of distortion and quality of sounds produced. It is a fact that the voice would distort, so the quality of a sound system would depend upon the range of distortion. The more distorted leads to the bad quality of an audio system. If it is not distorted, the sound system would be on the list of quality audio systems. It would be great to hear that super tweeters produce little distorted sounds over high frequency.

6. Power handling capacity

It is also a testing feature to check the quality of speaker drivers. A large power handling capacity shreds evidence of the quality sound system. Super tweeters are good in power-handling capacity. They can observe the highest power simultaneously and have the ability to produce a louder volume via handling the power.


Features of super tweeters are seen above now you must be curious to know its functioning and advantages. There are some of the benefits of using super tweeters;

  • Super tweeters are highly beneficial to create musical effects and other instrumental sounds in music. They act as highly professional sound articulators than speakers.
  • Their functioning creates a magnetic field in the area where it is used. They are capable of producing sounds that the speakers cannot.
  • Super tweeters are used to create high-frequency-like supersonic sounds.
  • They are highly beneficial in the clarity of sounds created from the system. They are less likely to produce distorted sounds.
  • They are efficient in crowded places where loud volume is a requirement.


  • They are difficult to carry in indoor activities.
  • Heavy and bulky in weight

Tweeters vs Super Tweeters

Tweeter vs Super Tweeter

Tweeters are the items that complement the speaker, suitable for low frequency, and super tweeters are suitable for producing higher supersonic sounds. It is the only major difference between super tweeters and tweeters and the only reason to choose super tweeters by the majority. However, they are designed for different requirements. Here is a comparison between them;


Super speakers are bulky and big in comparison to tweeters. Tweeters are small in size, and their design is like a coil or a motor which is why it is preferable for parties and indoor activities. Super tweeters have bulky diaphragms, while super tweeters have small-weight diaphragms.


The super tweeter is highly beneficial for the volume requirement as it tends to handle the larger power and produce a high volume. At the same time, tweeters are suitable for places where higher frequency sounds are not preferred.

Crossover Frequency Range

Crossovers are important to use in every speaker driver as they tend to transfer the electric sound signal in a multi-driver speaker system. Super tweeters tend to range 20 or above the crossover frequency range, while tweeters respond at a standard frequency range of 3 to 4.

Pros Of Tweeters

Tweeters are mainly suitable for low-frequency requirements. At the same time, they are some benefits of using tweeters;

  • Tweeters are beneficial to prevent the sound distortion
  • They are suitable for low-frequency range and to create a low volume.
  • They are small in size, which is why it is easy to carry them
  • They are practical and can be used for indoor activities and small parties like school events.
  • It is efficient to produce stereo imaging with your sound system.


  • They are not preferred for high Prosonic sound production.
  • Not efficient to use in mega-events


As tweeters are sound articulators, they are classified into different types. The basics are tweeters and super tweeters. We hope that the facts mentioned above about their functioning can help you choose the best tweeter for your audio system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are tweeters important in audio systems?

Before addressing the question, it is a dire need to understand the functioning of tweeters and what they do. Tweeters are important in sound systems for producing full-range frequency sounds. And some types of tweeters can produce Prosonic sounds and musical effects, which are the side part of the music.

So, in a nutshell, music is more than just producing sounds, and tweeters gain other musical elements. Tweeters play an important role in making the music more loveable and likable.

What should I Choose? Tweeter or super tweeter

It might get challenging for the one to choose between tweeter and super tweeter. The simple answer is to choose it according to your required needs. The facts mentioned earlier could help you choose the required item perfect to meet your needs.

Other points to keep in mind while going for the tweeters like impedance. So must check them out before choosing the tweeter for your audio system.

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